Seasons of joy: My gorgeous office

This week I have been creating my new office area.  This is a tiny space in the hallway, which has so many jobs to do.  I want to use it as a homeschool planning area, sewing area, computer area, writing and creating area.  I want it to inspire me on to be a better person,…


Seasons of Joy: January – Week 4

This week has felt too busy to me.  I fight against the London suburban mindset of fitting more and more in all the time.  I want to savour my life and move through it slowly, experiencing every moment. This week we have been wandering down to the pond most early mornings.  It has been a…


Seasons of Joy: January

In Our Home The artist in me loves beauty.  The artist in me also thrives in mess.  It seems peculiar to me that the moment I get everything tidy and organised is the moment I can't find anything.  Somehow I am more efficient when things are a bit haphazard and, to the untrained eye, messy.…


Seasons of Joy: Introduction

You may (or may not) have noticed a 'Seasons of Joy' page at the top of my blog.  If you'd clicked on it, you would have also noticed that there were no posts.  That would be because I haven't written any yet. The operation I had back in November was of the Gynae kind and…

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