Planning, Plotting and Playing our way through 2014

This year there is change afoot.  I'm not sure why, and I'm not sure where this change will lead us, but there is most certainly an air of change.  When I sat down with Gary and the children to discuss our direction this year it was with one purpose in mind.  To simplify. I want…


T11’s First Term of Interest led, autonomous learning

T11 would have officially been going in to secondary school this year.  To mark the occasion we decided to hand over the reins of his education to him.  This has always been a goal of our home-school and over the summer he expressed that this was his desire also.   He is a very responsible, highly motivated…


T11’s Schedule

After much discussion, between us we have finalised his learning plans.  First we looked at his own learning goals.  He wants to study for his IGCSE in maths and physics early, followed by biology and chemistry.  Right now he wants to study herbalism, but that is likely to change (last year was vet science, the year…


Autumn Plans 2013-2014: Reception

My goal has always been to school the older ones together and the younger two together.  So whilst the older ones learn about the crusades the little ones will be going over BFIAR again, but a little more academically this time.  I have specific goals in mind for each of my younger two.  These include:…


School plans 2013-14: Autumn Term

Between October and December we have two terms of five weeks each with a one week holiday in the middle.  The first week of each term will be an immersion week, where we will immerse ourselves in our new topic.  In the remaining four weeks we will do all sorts of hands on and writing…

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