Young Artists at Play: Experimenting with Home-made Paint

When I called my young artists to the table for their art time, they were just a little bit excited: And so they should have been!  We had made some home-made paints during our science time the day before and we coloured some foam with food colourings to give us a very different textured paint. …


Young Scientists at Play: Making Paints and Goop

Sunday night I made up some base for the paints I want my little scientists to make tomorrow to use in their 'Artists at Play' hour on Tuesday.  Basically paint is thickened colour so I mixed some water, with thickener (flour) and ended up with a white base: I made it a little thicker than…


Young Artists at Play

A few weeks ago I started what was to become affectionately known in our house as 'Young Scientists at Play'.  This was one hour on a Monday for my two younger daughters to play at being scientists.  The theme was colour and the learning was open-ended and all about discovery.  Well, during these one hour slots,…

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