Shakespeare Unit Study

A Summer Shakespeare Club: Introduction Summer Shakespeare Club: Making Club T-Shirts A Summer Shakespeare Club: Adventure Box A Summer Shakespeare Club: Meeting the Members Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream – Day 1 Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream – Day 2 Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream – Day 3 Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream – Day 4 Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream – Day 5 Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet –…


Shakespeare Summer Club: Performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This has to be the largest and most extravagant, not to mention complicated, presentation we have ever pulled off.  It was also one of the most satisfying, gratifying and pride inducing experiences, educationally speaking, I have ever had.  It could not have gone any better.  It was more than any of us could have hoped…


Shakespeare Summer Club: Projects Week Three

Writing each individual act  Each child had his/ her script written with parts highlighted for each character and enough copied for every person.  I am hoping to provide you all a PDF of the whole play script, in case you wanted to see exactly how five such different acts could possibl;e form a fairly seamless…


Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream – Day 3

Midsummer Night's Dream Day 1 Midsummer Night's Dream Day 2 Shakespeare Biographical Work (10 mins) Read out-loud  Act I, scene 3:  John Shakespeare Takes his Son to His First Play from the following Shakespeare book: Midsummer Night's Dream Act III, Scene I-III (80 mins) Yesterday we had forgone the audio and just watched the video,…


The Summer Shakespeare Club: PBL Choices

We have just completed our first Shakespeare club week and, whilst it is hard work, everyone is laughing lots and thoroughly enjoying themselves.  It has definitely been worth all the hours I've put in over the past four weeks. Each afternoon the guys work for a couple of hours on their projects.  As you know…


A Shakespeare Summer Club: Project Based Learning

I mentioned in my last post that the children will be doing some Shakespeare based PBL.  PBL works very well in our household, not maybe as our main way to home school, but definitely as an important extra.  I thought I would give a bit more detail as to what I will be expecting over…

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