Reader Question: How Do You Manage Chores and Pocket Money – Part Two

Yesterday I shared how we do chores in our house.  Today I will be covering pocket-money (although we don't call it that). Our children have never been given pocket-money 'for free'.  In fact they were never really given any money, primarily because for a long time we could not afford it.  So, why can we…


Books Which Help Our Boys Become Men

I seem to have had some sort of writer's block over the past couple of days, very possibly (in my case) otherwise known as laziness.  I have not wanted to write.  This is very unusual and I am wondering if a trip to the doctors might not be out of the question....... Anyway, as promised…


Reader Question: How do you encourage sibling relationships? Part 2

Yesterday, I began answering the question I probably get the most emails asking: How I encourage sibling relationships, covering up until B5 was born.  At this point everything changed.  Life went from being pleasant in every sense of the word to being really rather difficult.  Parenting goals and aspirations went right out of the window…


Reader Question: How do you encourage sibling relationships?

From the depth of my being I have always desired  have a happy peaceful home.  Not having grown up with that it would be high on my goal list for both marital and family relations.  This means I have parented intentionally, with that goal in mind, right from the start.  I am blessed now with a…

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