One Year Pond Study: Week 1: Assessing the Pond

Thus begins our year-long study.  I've roped my intrepid mother into it as well!  She is passionate about nature and will be able to help her hapless daughter answer questions to which she herself has no reply (ie most nature related questions!)  So at 9am last Monday morning with all our chores finished, we ventured forth, noisy…


Nature Study: Plans for a Year Long Study of our Village Pond

I LOVE history.  I didn't take it at school, so I come to it with clear, fresh eyes and I think this makes it very, very interesting for me.  Science, however, I took at GCSE level (all of them), A level (again, all of them) and my degree is a BSc (Hons) - more science.  I think I'm all…

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