Woodland Nature Study: A New Pond

This week Gary accompanied us to some ponds which are in the middle of the woods, we did no studies, just enjoyed a new to us pond.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves. There are two ponds neck and neck with each other, and waaaay bigger than our little village pond.  One is…


Flower Fairies: Horse Chestnut Fairy

I am still catching up on posts I should have written before Christmas.  We took this nature walk some time in November when we chose to focus on the Horse Chestnut Tree.  These trees tend to line the streets on our way to the woodlands, rather than being in the woodlands themselves.  We spent a…


Meadowland and Woodland Nature Study

Welcome to week three of our one year nature study.  This week we focused on the small river which is found running through the woodland, bordering the meadow land.  The common lies atop impermeable clay which causes poor drainage during the wet months.  These woodlands contain two natural springs as well as three seasonal streams…


Meadowland and Woodland Nature Study: Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of our one year nature study. The woodlands we have chosen to study are very interesting, and we intend to explore all the aspects we possibly can.  As a very quick peek into the delights we have coming our way this year, the common we are basing our study on is…


Meadowland and Woodland Nature Study: Week 1

This year our nature studies will be focused on nearby meadowland and woodland.  We have just begun to go for daily walks once again and so often find ourselves in the glorious countryside which surrounds the area in which we live.  I'm going to enjoy this study.  It will, I think, be focused much more…

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