Native American Unit Week 1- The Birchbark House: Neebin (Summer)

The Birchbark House is book one of a four series set of books about a young, Ojibwe girl called Omakayas: This first book is separated into four sections - the four seasons of the year.  Each chapter we read we find much to talk about and learn about.  In addition there are many parts of the…


The First Native Americans: Presenting the Information

This term we will not be having a major presentation at the end of the term.  Christmas is one of our busiest times of the year so instead of attempting to fit a big presentation around lots of concerts, charity fairs and the like we have decided to have a series of mini presentations instead. …


How to Make Native American Dress Up

We are incapable of doing any kind of study without at least attempting to create some dress up.  I did keep it simple though and ordered five cheap t-shirts for just over £1 each.  I chose brown and a large size for all.  The older children could wear them as tops whilst the younger girls…


Native American Unit Study

Remember the Little House on the Prairie summer we had last year?  The one where we made our own little house, painting, decorating and making furniture, whilst learning all sorts of skills along the way? I had been pondering a Native American unit in the same vein, but it seemed such a vast topic, I…

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