Mr Men School (Ages 3- 5)

Apologies for the excess posts coming out at the moment - I'm attempting to create a more organised blog by having posts containing the same theme all in one place!  This page will contain all my Mr Men School posts: Mr Men School (Ages 3-5) This is a home made curriculum I designed for my…


Little Miss Splendid’s Spa Party

My five-year old turned six last week and she was desperate for a Little Miss Party just like her sister.  In an attempt to make the two parties vastly different and to reflect the fact that she was a big girl six we opted for a spa party.  Not maybe the most sensible option for…


Mr Men Birthday Party

This week heralded the third birthday of my youngest.  Three!  How did that happen?  Our Mr Men school has created an obsession with all things Mr Men so of course she wanted a Mr Men party! I had a few thoughts, put together a few ideas, and set to work.  All was against me, or so it seemed,…

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