IGCSE Biological Science – Microbes

Our biological science is based on the specification of Edexcel for their Biology IGCSE.  My goal is to very gradually work through the specification with the hope of digging a little deeper than is required and letting the children follow areas of interest.  I aim to make this study as hands on as possible and…


Microbes: Ebola Virus Study

When I chose to study Ebola as an example of a virus, it was in January, before the out break in Africa.  It was a difficult decision to go ahead with the study, when the children were being exposed on a daily basis, through newspapers and radio reports, to the ravaging affects Ebola was having…


Project Based Learning: Microbes – Virus

The first thing I wanted to do was revise what makes something living alive.  The reason for this is that Viruses aren't generally accepted as being a living thing, but instead of simply teaching that to the children I wanted them to work it out for themselves. Characteristics of living organisms – movement as an…

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