IGCSE Biological Science – Microbes

Our biological science is based on the specification of Edexcel for their Biology IGCSE.  My goal is to very gradually work through the specification with the hope of digging a little deeper than is required and letting the children follow areas of interest.  I aim to make this study as hands on as possible and…


Incr-Edible Science: Yeast (Micro Fungi – part 2)

After covering mold type fungi in Part 1, we moved onto the unicellular yeast: This is Leeuwenhoek, the man responsible for the discovery of micro-organisms through his very simple 'microscope' A labelled diagram of a yeast cell Yeast as we know it To find out a bit more about yeast we mainly used the same resources as before: We…


Project Based Learning: Microbes – Fungus

We've just spent a couple of weeks learning about Fungi.  We're not talking macro Fungi (mushrooms and the like) but Micro-fungi.  Micro fungi are eukaryotic organisms which have an absence of the large fruiting body of the mushrooms and the like.  Fungi such as mould, mildew, yeast and even rust.  Both macro and micro fungus are vital…

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