IGCSE Biological Science – Microbes

Our biological science is based on the specification of Edexcel for their Biology IGCSE.  My goal is to very gradually work through the specification with the hope of digging a little deeper than is required and letting the children follow areas of interest.  I aim to make this study as hands on as possible and…


Spar-Klean Science – Is the loo really cleaner than the dish cloth?

I need to be honest and say I am posting this against my better judgement.  I mean, no one is going to want to eat at my house if the cloth we use to clean the dishes is actually dirtier than my loo!  That said, 'dirty' may be a misnomer here because we all know…


Project Based Learning: Microbes – Bacteria

This week we have been learning all about Bacteria.  Bacteria, a type of prokaryotic cell, can come in an assortment of shapes: Source As we are currently studying the plague we decided to concentrate primarily on the rod-shaped bacilli, of which Yersinia Pestis (the bacteria that causes the plague) is one: Yersinia Pestis magnified x200 Source…

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