Around the World in 80 Days: Week 3 – Calcutta to Singapore

We spent a day learning about the geography of the route between Calcutta and Singapore.  It was interesting to go on Google Earth and track the route Passepartout and his master Mr Fogg took. We learnt about: The Bay of Bengal The Strait of Malacca Singapore Gothic Architecture Samuel Morse Fix sends a telegraph to Great…


South America: Cookie Map

I use the same cookie dough recipe every time I make a cookie map or gingerbread house.  It makes a very hard, solid biscuit which can be rolled very thin and still remain in tact after baking.  It tastes good as well! Dough for Map Making Gather: 1/2 cup unsalted butter 1/2 cup caster sugar…


Map Work: Poles and Parallels

Resources We read a small amount of information from our Homeschool in the Woods curriculum but got most of our information from our core book - Charting the World by Richard Panchyk: Vocabulary to Learn Most of these words the older children had been exposed to before and were therefore familiar with.  The goal of…


Tudors and Stuarts: Explorers – Making a Paper Mache Map of the World

Last week the children focused their attentions on the reasons for exploring.  I used blank print out maps from Home School in the Woods and asked the children to fill in the continents and oceans, which they did easily.  As I am trying to include the little ones more, I asked A6 to colour in…


Medieval Banquet

We did it.  After almost twelve weeks of preparation and work, and feeling like we would simply never be ready, the day of the banquet arrived.  It went well, really well.  The children did their presentations and answered our guest's questions fairly intelligently.  The food was remarkably good, considering we used authentic medieval recipes and…


European Geography: Resources

My goal this year is simply for the younger two to learn the continents and for the older children to learn the names and positions of all the countries in Europe.  In addition, I will be doing a short lesson on how geography influenced the crusades.  This is the first time I've had specific geographical goals for…

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