Law Study: Hands on Democratic Rule

Having had a highly successful demonstration of what an autocratic rule is, we attempted to replicate the democratic rule.  We had already learnt about how the House of Lords and the House of Commons was first formed.  I found a couple of clips from YouTube for both, primarily to show the difference between the two,…


Law Study: Hands-on Autocratic Rule!

When I shared with the children what I had planned to help them to understand autocratic rule they were a little excited!  In fact they nagged me incessantly because they wanted to do the activity immediately.  Everyday they plotted and planned and nagged until I finally gave in and we proceeded with the activity.  I'm not sure one…


King John and the Magna Charta: Resources

As you all know, February is my least favourite time of home school, on account of a severe lack of energy.  When I saw King John was coming up on the horizon, hibernation for its duration seemed like the only sensible solution.  Of course humans don't, as a rule, tend towards hibernation, and I figured…

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