Da Vinci and his Printing Press

We have been studying Gutenberg's printing press recently, first by familiarising ourselves with his printing press and then attempting to make our own.  Whilst Leonardo wasn't the first to invent the printing press he did attempt to improve upon Gutenberg's own design. I had bought a Make-Your-Own kit for the Da Vinci press.  I hadn't…


Project Based Learning: Leonardo Da Vinci and His Ornithopter

Although the area of flight was a topic T12 would be covering extensively, I thought we'd do a very quick group activity, exploring Leonardo's fixation with flight and the resulting idea of an ornithopter.  Da Vinci always claimed his earliest memory was of a Kite bird swooping down whilst he was in his cradle.  It…


Project Based Learning: Individual Leonardo Da Vinci Projects

This term we are focusing on Leonardo Da Vinci.  We spent most of last week looking through the resources and getting a feel for what each child might be drawn towards.  After much to-ing and fro-ing topics have finally been agreed upon and the children have enthusiastically thrown themselves into their work.  We have discussed…

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