Elizabethan Unit study: Week Four: Drake and the Spanish Armada

Biography This week we continued to read the next couple of chapters from our main core book: We learnt about the political and religious back drop to the Spanish declaring war on the British, and the resultant failure of the attack by the Spanish Armada. The Reformation I’ve shared these books before but for cohesion…


Renaissance: Tudor Explorers Unit Study

Week 1 - Introduction and Resources Week 2 - Making a Paper Mache Map Week 3 - The Urge to Explore Week 4 - Preparing for the Journey Week 5 - Ships and Sea Monsters Week 6 - Navigation part 1 - How to make a Chip Log to calculate Speed Week 7 - Navigation…


Elizabethan Unit Study: Week Two:

Biography We continued to read the next two chapters of Elizabeth I: The People's Queen: We learnt that Edward never actually got to rule England as a man, dying of Tuberculosis in 1553.  Lady Jane Grey ruled after him for just nine days before Edward's half sister Mary became England's very first Queen Regnant, meaning…


Elizabethan Unit study: Week One: A Renaissance Queen

Biography This week I introduced them to the two main non fiction books we would be using over the next five weeks: The children read the whole of Good Queen Bess on Monday, independently, whilst I began reading Elizabeth I: The People's Queen.  I am attempting two chapters each week to ensure we'll be finished…

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