Ancient Celts Unit Study

Part 1- Introduction and Resources: Part 2- Costume, Dress Up and Make Believe Play Part 3- Field Trip to Ancient Butser Farm Part 4- Hands on Activities For more ideas:


Ancient Celt Unit Study: Activities

This is my final post on the Ancient Celts, until I cover it with my little two.  This post includes all the activities we did a few years ago, including the writing, during our Ancient Celt Unit Study. Ancient Celt Writing Activities Everything I set the guys to write was Celt related and independently researched. …


Ancient Celts Unit Study: A Field Trip to Butser Ancient Farm

This was a field trip we took to Butser Ancient Farm, whilst we were studying the Ancient Celts in 2012.  It seems like yesterday!  B4 was a baby, so was in a sling for most of the time, but the older children thoroughly enjoyed themselves: We focused on the round houses first: These were, as their…


How to Create a Celtic Dress Up Costume

We made a Celtic costume out of bits and bobs we had at home.  Old pajamas, especially if they are tartanish, are perfect for a Celt.  I gave T an old pair of mine.  They were a bit big, but he didn't mind 🙂 He paired my pajamas with his own over sized plain t-shirt.…

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