Tudors and Stuarts: Explorers – Making a Paper Mache Map of the World

Last week the children focused their attentions on the reasons for exploring.  I used blank print out maps from Home School in the Woods and asked the children to fill in the continents and oceans, which they did easily.  As I am trying to include the little ones more, I asked A6 to colour in…


Making a Cookie Map of Antarctica

As part of our study of Antarctica we made a fairly detailed cookie map of this icy continent.  I gave the children a blank Antarctica map to fill in using an atlas.  Once the older ones had labelled their map and the younger ones had spent some time with me on Google Earth looking at some…


Continent Studies: Antarctica – Where in the World?

Main Learning Goals To be able to point out north and south on a globe To point to all continents and the Arctic circle To understand why the Arctic is not a continent whilst the Antarctica is To understand why it is cold at the top and bottom of the globe To realise Antarctica is…


Continent Study: Antarctica – Resources for Antarctic and Arctic Circle

I've been a bit remiss about geographical studies in our little home school.  We have covered bits and pieces alongside our history but I haven't spend inordinate amount of hours on it.  This year, being an all or nothing kind of a person, I intend to go a bit mad by covering a heap of…

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