Robin Hood

Usually during a fun week we revisit something we have studied previously and so I am able to step beck and effectively have a week off, which is rather nice.  To all intents and purposes the children HAVE learnt about Robin Hood prior to this week.  Voracious readers, they made light work of the books I…


Easter Adventure Box: Marco Polo and Ancient China-Part 1

Just the name sends shivers down my older children's spines!  They are very excited about their Easter Adventure Box!  This year it is going to be both a revisit to Ancient China and also learning the new topic of Marco Polo.  Marco Polo was a well-known medieval explorer, who traveled the silk road to China.  He therefore…


How to Make an Ancient Greece Game Board to Reinforce Learning

I gave you a peek of our board game made during our fun week and thought I'd do a post on how I made it.  The children and I had discussed our ideas and all knew vaguely what it was we were aiming for. The first thing I did, at the beginning of the week, was…

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