Flower Fairy Party for a Five Year Old

The day began with a mammoth present opening session.  We make big deals of birthdays here and the children always have lots of lovely gifts to open: She was delighted with them all but particularly liked her Flower fairy musical jewellery box, which she trails around the house with her, everywhere she goes! I had…


Flower Fairies: Horse Chestnut Fairy

I am still catching up on posts I should have written before Christmas.  We took this nature walk some time in November when we chose to focus on the Horse Chestnut Tree.  These trees tend to line the streets on our way to the woodlands, rather than being in the woodlands themselves.  We spent a…


Autumn Flower Fairy Nature Study: Bind Weed

Welcome to our first installment of studying nature with a bit of help from the Flower fairies.  The flower we focused on last week was Bind Weed.  'Bind Weed?'  I hear you cry.  'Why on earth would you choose to study a weed?'  Well, it is a very pretty weed, and more importantly my two…


Nature Study with the Flower Fairies

Back in September I held a potion party for A7 and I did it Flower Fairy themed.  It was such a huge hit that I got thinking about educational ideas using the Flower Fairy as a starting point.  Around the same time we had begun another one year study, this time on a local meadow…


Flower Fairies’ Potion Party

A6 became A7 last week and to celebrate her birthday we had a potions party at her request.  We have been reading The Land of Stories and this was her inspiration.  I decided to make it a tiny bit more flowery and girly by theming it around the Flower Fairies. I didn't want to focus…

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