Dr Seuss: If I ran a Rain Forest

The South America unit study we began last summer was never really finished as it was tricky for me to be part of it due to all the Shakespeare work the older ones and I were doing.  Just recently I have had the opportunity to review a curriculum from EdTechLens all about the rain forests.  It…


South America Unit Study: Summer Adventure Box

I have already outlined my plans for my youngest two for this summer, and you will know that I am having a lot of help from my mum, Sarah and Lorna (Aren't I blessed?).  This Summer Adventure Box needed to be extra special for just that reason.  There will be more people than just me…


Dr Seuss School: Ice is Nice

Dr Seuss' Ice is Nice book is perfect for bringing together all of the work we have done over the past two unit studies, being about both the arctic and the antarctic. We have done so many activities with snow and ice is was hard to find authentic and fun learning activities to go with…


Dr Seuss School: Oh, the things you can do that are good for you!

I have, at last, written up some of the Dr Seuss school I have been doing with my littlest two, based on the books from Dr Seuss' Learning Library. We read 'Oh, the Things you can Do that are Good for you!' There were lots of learning opportunities in this book and it must have…


2014-2015 School Year – Dr Seuss School

Using a Different Theme Each Year Although I tend to keep the younger girls basic schooling (reading, writing and maths) as simple as possible, requiring little more from me than opening a book at the correct page, the rest of their day I try to make themed.  For example, the first year I started teaching…

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