Dr Seuss: If I ran a Rain Forest

The South America unit study we began last summer was never really finished as it was tricky for me to be part of it due to all the Shakespeare work the older ones and I were doing.  Just recently I have had the opportunity to review a curriculum from EdTechLens all about the rain forests.  It…


Literature Study – Dante’s Divine Comedy: Inferno

Dante is a risky piece of literature to study with 10 and 11 year olds.  There is much in there which I should thoroughly disapprove of exposing them to at their tender age.  And yet I have found myself drawn to the learning possibilities. In the Inferno, Dante wrote about his views on Hell, some think as…


Feudalism in the MiddleAges and the Four Alls

Feudalism was introduced to Britain by the Normans after the battle of 1066.  King William claimed all the land for himself and proceeded to rent out percentages of it to the nobles.  The nobles, in turn, rented out land to knights in return for their promise of allegiance.   The commoners then worked the land…

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