How to Make Tempera Paint at Home

Cimabue, our artist study for the term, used tempera paint to paint both on wood and on plaster to create frescoes. I will be writing a separate post which will outline the work we completed whilst studying his art. For now, I will be showing you how to make tempera at home using chalk dust…


Project Based Homeschooling: Mona Lisa Picture Study

Great Resources to Have on Hand Becoming Leonardo L decided to journal as she did her research and called her journal 'Becoming Leonardo'.   Her goal was to really to try to get into his head and try to understand what it was that made him tick.  This was her own idea and her own journal,…


Fibonacci, Da Vinci and the Golden Ratio

In my last Fibonacci post I wrote about how Fibonacci set himself a question and then went about answering it.  The resulting sequence has been intrinsically linked to the golden ratio ever since.  I am very grateful for Denise's input in the comments section of that particular post because I was still confused.  How on earth did…


Artist Study: Da Vinci and his Horses

Over the past few days school has been replaced by horses.  We have been studying, taking photos of, drawing and studying drawings of horses.  We have tried (unsuccessfully) to become as obsessed with horses as Leonardo Da Vinci was.  Horses just don't float our boats with quite the same vigour that they obviously did for…


Project Based Learning: Individual Leonardo Da Vinci Projects

This term we are focusing on Leonardo Da Vinci.  We spent most of last week looking through the resources and getting a feel for what each child might be drawn towards.  After much to-ing and fro-ing topics have finally been agreed upon and the children have enthusiastically thrown themselves into their work.  We have discussed…

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