The Israelites in Slavery

We had great fun learning about the Israelites in Slavery, and the girls experienced a little (a very little) about what it was like being a slave to the Egyptians. Israelites in Slavery: Reading Abigail read the lesson from the Mystery of History text book, and I read out everything covering the Israelites in Egypt…


Ancient Egypt Unit Study

This post includes all of the work we have done on Ancient Egypt.  I will be starting a new unit with my little ones next year, so this will be added to.   The children were aged about 7 when we studied Egypt. Egypt: Part 1- Resources Egypt: Part 2- Mummification Egypt: Part 3-  Hieroglyphs Egypt: Part…


Looking Back – Ancient Egypt Part Four: Art

Our core books for learning about Egyptian art were: Firstly, we explored the reliefs, as this was something the children were already familiar with.  We looked at examples of sunken reliefs and raised reliefs, wrote about them and the children tried their hand at replicating some: As writing was so much part of the Egyptian art…

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