2014-2015 School Year: Science

I always maintain science is our weakest area in our little homeschool.  I am so pleased I keep a blog because to my surprise, when I looked over the past year, I found we had done a reasonable amount!  Over the past year we have done some Incr-Edible science (self penned food science), Spar-Klean science…


Anatomy and Physiology: Bone Study

GOALS FOR CHAPTER TWO Quick revision of Cells To learn all the names of all the bones To learn how we can keep our bones healthy To learn how to apply first aid to various bone injury scenarios REVISION FROM CHAPTER ONE We made a biscuit cell to eat.  The children could only eat it…


Homeschool Biology: Cells

Welcome to our homeschool biology lesson about cells! Being a nurse by profession, I have been eagerly awaiting our study of biology.  This Apologia Anatomy and Physiology book is one that we will languish in, take our time over and, I'm sure, thoroughly enjoy!  (I mean, who doesn't like learning about themselves?).  We treated ourselves this…

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