Ancient Egypt Homeschool Resource: Mysteries of the Nile

I had wanted to find the perfect ancient Egyptian resource.  An ancient Egyptian resource which would not only be interesting to the children, but also to me.  I had already taught this era to my older three children and I needed something which would give a spark to it second time round.  Mysteries of the…


African Jewellery Party: Part Two

Continued from yesterday's post On the actual day we cleared the room and put out the 24 chairs: We were also gifted with some beautiful African baskets hand sewn from banana leaves.  They were so gorgeous we replaced all the bowls in the display with them: Aren't they lovely?  We also made a 'paper bead…


African Jewellery Party: Part One

Last Friday my eldest daughter held an African Jewellery party, showcasing all the work she has been doing over the past six months.  The week before we all spent every waking moment preparing the house to receive the 24 guests who would be attending, focusing on her presentation speech, display board and costume.  Lillie worked…

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