Learning My ABC’s: Five Ways to Reinforce Letter Learning (Dd)

We used a dog topped pencil to point to things around the room which began with Dd.  Things like door, dolls house and dog.  As she found them and pointed to them she said the name of the letter, the sound and what they were.   This activity reminded her that letters made the beginning sounds…


Learning my ABC’s: Five Activities to Reinforce Letter Learning (Cc)

I dotted out the letters Cc onto a white sheet of paper and asked B4 to join the dots.   This activity will help her remember how to write the letter Aa: We made the shape of Cc with our arms.  This activity helped her to figure out how the shape of the letter looked and…


Learning My ABC’s: Five Activities to Reinforce Letter Learning (Aa)

I am currently teaching B4 her letters and their sounds.  She is aware of some of them but I have not done anything formal.  She has begun to ask to learn to read.  Her sister (A6) is now fluent enough that she reads beginner chapter books to B4 and I whilst we are snuggling at…

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