Can You Help Me?

A while ago, the little ones and I did an artist study on Venezuelan artist Santiago Pol, focusing on his following picture:


We were very pleased by how our final art piece came out:


but to be honest we hadn’t given it any more thought.  That was until the artist himself (yes, Santiago Pol!) left me a message whilst we were in Northern Ireland, on that very post.  He is Venezuelan so his comment was in Spanish.  Once I returned from my holiday I put his message through google translate.  Unfortunately the words which came back in English, whilst giving me a fair idea of what he had written, were a bit garbled and mixed up.

Soooooo, I wondered if any of you spoke or understood written Spanish and would be able to translate, in the vernacular, what Pol actually said?  Also, I would love to be able to express my happiness at his obvious delight, and to thank him for visiting and taking the time to leave a message.  From what I did understand he does not understand English and I do not understand Spanish.  Would someone be willing to translate my words above into Spanish so that I may reply to his comment?

I’d be really grateful for any help you can give 🙂  Thank you in advance!  You can find the post in question here.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the comments you will see his in Spanish.  Thank you, thank you <3


  1. I am not fluent in Spanish but I believe
    “Muchas Gracias, esta noticia me hace muy feliz” translates as
    Much thanks, this post has made me very happy.

  2. My Spanish isn’t great, but working with the Google translation and what I can decipher myself, I think it says: “Because I cannot write in English, I will say it in Castillian [a Spanish dialect]. I never could have imagined such a lovely act [?]. This work [image? map?] was carried out at the request of the UN who asked me to create an illustration to depict global warming that was not an apocalyptic image. On the left side, the climate is good and unpolluted, and on the right side is the opposite and all the colours and in negative, i.e. contaminated. Many thanks to Anglicscalliwags for this beautiful post.”

  3. My husband is fluent. I’ll ask him to help with the big message tomorrow afternoon, if nobody beats us to it by then. I think that he can probably fill in some of the blanks in Mae’s work, but he works a very early shift and is sleeping already.

  4. My husband translates it like this:

    Because I cannot write it in English, I will say it in Spanish. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I never imagined this so beautiful act. The design of this almanac page was made at the request of the UN and asked for an illustration that would demonstrate global warming but not an apocalyptic image. The left side is a good climate and not polluted. The right side is the opposite and all the colors are in negative to describe it as polluted. Many thanks to ANGELICSCALLIWAGS for this beautiful news.

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