Books Which Help Our Boys Become Men

I seem to have had some sort of writer’s block over the past couple of days, very possibly (in my case) otherwise known as laziness.  I have not wanted to write.  This is very unusual and I am wondering if a trip to the doctors might not be out of the question…….

Anyway, as promised here are the four books T14 would have said had the largest impact on him during his early teen years.

Boyhood and Beyond

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From Amazon: ‘Boyhood and Beyond Bob Schultz, a carpenter by trade, has written a timeless book for boys. Wisdom and common sense are gleaned from short chapters covering topics such as authority, inventiveness, and honesty as well as learning to overcome things like fear, laziness, and temptation. Boyhood and Beyond motivates boys to build their lives on a foundation of strong moral principles.’

Yes, I know, I really shouldn’t be quoting Amazon, but I am suffering from a disease (called Laziness).  I am certain our staycation next week will sort it out.  I just need a change of scene.  Yes, that’s it.  Once I have had a change of scene I will be completely cured of Laziness.

Bob Shultz writes in a humble manner, using examples from his job as a carpenter to drum in home truths about life as a boy and teen.  Very simply and cleverly written, T found it easy reading and yet thought-provoking at the same time.

Created for Work

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Do you believe there wasn’t anything worth quoting from Amazon here, so I shall have to endeavor to write a synopsis myself.  Boo hiss!  Does Amazon not realise I am having a lazy moment?!

Again Bob Shultz uses stories from his own life to teach very simple truths about how we were designed to work.  If you have read my blog for a while, you will know work ethic is very important to me and Gary.  The books are written in a format that the child can simply read it as a chapter book, or use it in their morning devotions or in fact use it as a read aloud with the family.  The questions at the end of each chapter encourages the child to think about the lesson taught, in greater depth.

He teaches against laziness (yes, I do see the irony – maybe I need to read it and apply it to myself?), slothfulness, halfheartedness, and greediness, instead pointing his reader to the benefits of working as if working for God, in all that they choose to put their hand at.

Practical Happiness

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From Amazon: Practical Happiness Practical Happiness offers young men counsel as to how they can find the path that leads to inner joy and lasting contentment. Through short captivating stories, Bob Schultz has crafted a book to lead young men toward a life of contentment that can be found only by seeking the heart of God.

This was a particularly useful book for T during those turbulent times when he felt confused and sad.  It teaches against the believe that happiness is found in possessions, or who you are or what you do.  Real, lasting happiness is found when God is your Lord.  Such a good book.

Do Hard Things

books for teens boys

At the heart of this book is the desire to help teenagers today realise they have a voice, they have power and they have a purpose.  God can use them, right now, as a teen.  It debunks society’s low expectation of teens, and shows them that God has a much higher expectation for their lives.

It is after reading this book that T came downstairs thanking us for continuing to have high expectations for his life.  In that moment, he got it.  It is also the book which, after he had read it, I could see T trying to apply its concepts to his life.  There is also a blog which T signed up to, and which he enjoys very much called The Rebelution.

I have included the chapters included to give you a better idea of what this book is all about:




Out of the four, this was T’s favourite.

Do you have any to add?  I’m sure T would love to have further options to read.  Please do leave any recommendations in the comments.

I promise I shall endeavour to get my butt into gear and answer the next Reader Question, which will be about chores and money, and will almost definitely be in two parts 🙂