Blogging through the Alphabet: On being Abulic

Ha!  What on earth is abulic, I hear you cry?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Abulic refers to an individual suffering from abulia.  None the wiser?  I wouldn’t worry too much, spell check doesn’t recognise it as a proper word either 🙂

According to the online dictionary, abulic is a psychiatric term referencing a symptom of a mental disorder involving impairment or loss of volition.  Or in plainer English abulic describes an individual’s inability to make decisions (or act).  And I think it describes me perfectly as a home-schooler.


I mean, have you seen the sheer number of writing curricula out there?  Seriously, how is one meant to choose?  And then there is maths, and don’t even get me started on science or history.

BH (before homeschooling) I was able to process choices fairly rationally.  At the beginning of this journey (when I was innocent to the choices out there) we picked the only one we knew about (ACE) for all three older children.  We abandoned that a couple of years later and that was when curricula madness’ set in.  Honestly, if it not a diagnosable illness, it should be.  I am no longer rational.  I spend money which may very well feed a country suffering from famine, on what basically amounts to letters on paper which promise me faithfully they will produce the very best writers, never before seen.  BH I would not have dreamt of spending that amount on carpet, let alone a writing curriculum.  BH I was sane.  Now I am not.  At least I don’t think I am.  On reflection maybe I am.  Or not.  What do you think?  See?  Abulia.

I have also in the past done my best to figure out what kind of homeschooler I am.  Because people like to know.  Apparently, if you can give yourself a title you are considered more likely to do a good job.  Home schooling?  Ah yes, I am a Charlotte Mason homeschooler.  Or,  Yes, we would describe ourselves as Classical homeschoolers…or unit study based homeschoolers…or unschoolers.  I could never decide.  We never quite fit into any one genre.  And ‘we just wing it’ really doesn’t cut it in non-homeschool circles.

I am officially educating five school age children now.  We are currently using a bazzilion curricula, which are attached to a zillion different home school philosophies.  Because I still don’t know what curriculum would be the best fit for our family; or in deed which philosophy of education would prove to be the most fruitful for our family.  I do, however, at long last and after much pondering know what type of home schooler I am…..

an abulic one, of course!

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