Birthday Blessing ❤️

As much as I hate having my photo taken, I asked for this one for posterity. Gary won a raffle ticket for dinner at the very exclusive restaurant at his work. This was haute cuisine and promised to be a dining experience of a lifetime. Unfortunately Covid happened soon after, which meant that we didn’t have a chance to use it over the next couple of years. I’d forgotten all about it, until Gary told me he’d booked to go for my birthday.

Unfortunately, cameras and phones are not allowed in the restaurant so I could take any photos of the very beautiful food. I so get why people do that now! Honestly, each course was a piece of art.

Most of the staff who worked there knew Gary and we were treated like royalty. It was honestly such a lovely, one off experience. We both tasted lobster for the first time ever, and Gary was made many cocktails (I was driving so fizzy water for me!). The service was second to none.

However, the very best part of the evening for me was the opportunity to be with my husband. He and I always have such fun together, but don’t always have the opportunity to go places on our own together. It was so lovely to just be with him ❤️


    1. What a great birthday present! Time alone with your husband and a very special dinner. It sounds like a wonderful evening.

      1. Hi Pam!
        It really was. Especially to spend time with Gary. We get that less and less these days. Teens take up a lot of time in talking and driving!

    1. Hello Cheryon (I’d put a waving hand but my emoticons don’t seem to be working at the moment!)
      Thanks for popping by xx

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