Because I Luvoo, Mummy

My little four-year old sidles up to me and slips me piece of paper.  She gives me a gentle kiss on the cheek.  ‘Because I luvoo, Mummy.’  And she wanders off.  I look at the piece of paper she has been labouring over for the past hour or so and tears fill my eyes.


B4 had written the words I love you upside down, back to front and with completely the wrong spelling.  It could not have been more beautiful, more precious, or meant so much.

There is nothing, no job in the whole wide world, which would give me this kind of feeling.  In that moment, hundreds upon hundreds of memories returned to me of wet kisses planted on my cheek over the years and the many little hand smudged, crumpled letters of love which have come my way from those five Scalliwags of mine.  And it reminds me of just how blessed I am to be watching these five incredible children grow up.  I will never EVER take the privilege of being a Mummy for granted. Ever.

So grateful to be me.


    1. Absolutely! I don’t know if it is because B is the last biological child I will ever have but everything she does seems very poignant to me.

    1. You’ll come through, I promise. Those early days can be particularly hard if your newborn is crying a lot. But this shall too pass and all will be happiness and joy once more. Just keep on keeping on 🙂 (((hugs)))

  1. So very sweet. ‘Just melts your heart when they do it, and it was completely unexpected. <3

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