Australian Aboriginal: The Platypus and Dot Art

This week we learnt all about the platypus and Australian Aboriginal Dot Art.  

Australian Aboriginal Dot Art: The Platypus

During our morning meeting, I had been reading through Stories from the Billabong:

Australian Aboriginal Dot Art

This particular morning I had read the story of why the Platypus is such a special creature.  We learnt that they have fur like mammals; can swim under water like fish and the mother platypus lays eggs like birds.  We also learnt that no Aboriginal Australian would ever hunt and kill a Platypus, even if they are very hungry.

Australian Aboriginal Dot Art: Mini Presentation

I sent the children off to find out all they could about these peculiar little animals.  I asked them to write notes which they would be able to follow when presenting the information they found:

Australian Aboriginal Dot Art

They maybe had half an hour or so on their computers before they gave a quick presentation:

Australian Aboriginal Dot Art

Aboriginal Australian Dot Art: Creating our own dot art

My goal for this lesson was to create our own piece of dot art, but I wanted to do it as simply as possible.  Fortunately, I had found a fun print out of a platypus which I photocopied, and this made things so easy.  We gathered together the following supplies for some dot art:

Australian Aboriginal Dot Art

Using q-tips we each created a dot art platypus:

Australian Aboriginal Dot Art

The children thoroughly enjoyed this art technique, and A7 took much time and trouble over hers:

Australian Aboriginal Dot Art

Australian Aboriginal Dot Art

Australian Aboriginal Dot Art

And the finished products:

Australian Aboriginal Dot Art

Australian Aboriginal Dot Art

Next week I will be sharing C’s mini project on the art of the Aboriginal Australians.

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