Any Scottish Homeschoolers out there?

I only ask, because a blogging friend of mine may soon be moving from South Africa to Scotland and she would like to touch base with any other home schoolers living in the fairly nearby vicinity.  Liezel sent me an email and gave me permission to copy it:

 …….something pretty exciting has come up in Scotland.  My husband is of Scottish Descent and I am about 4 generations back of Irish / Scottish / Dutch descent…. that of course, is par for the course in South Africa.  We are not called the Rainbow Nation for nothing! Craig is very excited about this opportunity but needless to say it scares the living daylights out of me.  Picking up roots and transporting them all the way to the UK with a little boy who requires so much… it’s scary, especially as my Mom is a great help every day.  I won’t have that in Glasgow.  Craig’s brother- and his family live in England and I have one or two friends in England as well, but as for day-to-day support… it won’t be there.  What I actually want to know after all this rambling is whether you have any readers / friends who home school and live in Scotland?
Any who home school Special Needs children?  Any links / advice re curriculum etc? I was going to buy a boxed curriculum from next year to give myself some space to find my feet.  Now it would most likely end up being prohibitive in costs as the product would have to be couriered from South Africa.

Any advice / or help would be SO much appreciated!!

I don’t know anyone who homeschools in Scotland and I really wasn’t sure if I did have any readers who lived there, so I offered to ask!  If there are any Scotish readers who would be willing to talk with Liezel via email please could you leave a comment or email me?  (Or if you know of anyone who lives in Scotland and home schools.)  I know Liezel would be very grateful for any advice.