Ancient China Unit Study

ancient china

Week One: Resources

Books we used for our last visit to Ancient China.  These will all be required rereads

Week Two: The Geography of China and Xia Dynasty

Marco Polo and his route to Cathay

Week Three: Shang Dynasty and Writing Systems


Week Four: Zhou Dynasty and Chinese Religions

C10 trying her hand at chain stitch

Week Five: Qinn Dynasty and the Chinese Currency

Our Ancient Chinese, standardised currency

Week Six: Han Dynasty and the Invention of Paper

Our hairy paper took the ink with no real problems, although I'm certain it could not have been painted on, the paper would have fallen to bits

Week Seven: Han Dynasty and a Picture Study (Five Han Nobles)

Our final replication of the original tomb painting.  Not bad T11, L10 and C10!

Week Eight: Tang Dynasty and the invention of Printing

And then used it to print a lovely picture.  We were really pleased with the outcome.

Week Nine: The Song Dynasty and Silk Screen Printing

C10 proudly showing of her silk print

Week Ten: Looking Back – Studying Ancient China when my older children were little




  1. Wow! Look how everyone has grown. You are doing a fab job of organizing, Claire. What a great resource you are to home schoolers.

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