Am I perhaps spending too much time at the screen?

How does a mum know when she has spent too much time looking at the screen and not paying enough attention to, y’know, important stuff like family….?

Maybe when your son sends you an email, asking if you think the egg he is cooking is cooked?



Can you believe it?  The kitchen is about two meters away from my current position at the computer and he chooses to send me an email banking on the fact that I will be more likely to pay attention to his email than his actual person carrying a frying pan.

Yes, this is the sad state of affairs right now at the Angelicscalliwags home.  It’s every man for himself at the moment, cooked egg or not.  Mummy is school planning Shakespeare and has no time to actually mother…or cook…or talk…

I really need to take the hint and not spend quite so much time with Shakespeare and a bit more time with my family.

On a serious note, I knew I would be very busy for four weeks planning this summer and the older children have been fab-u-lous, making sure the younger two are kept busy and happy, as well as making breakfast and lunch each day and willingly providing me with as many cups of tea as I need.  Thank you children.  I know you are looking forward to this summer as  much as I am and I am very grateful for your wonderful support.  Only another two weeks and you will have your mother back and you won’t need to send me photos of undercooked food….