A Year in the Life of a Homeschooling Family: Day 24

You know you’re a home-school mum when you sneak outside at midnight and use your kitchen spatula to scrape the thin covering of snow of your mother’s car to use to make a comet the next day!

This post is just a quickie today. Becca was awake throughout the night feeling really rotten, and unable to breathe easily. I was up alongside her, and this meant neither of us slept more than a couple of hours. So, most of the morning she was snuggled up with her duvet, whilst I looked on enviously:

She did a little bit of school with my encouragement, but, although feeling better today, she was very tired.

I scrapped my goals of the day and did the bare minimum with the littles. I helped Becs complete her workbook pages, read out some more from our space rock chapter, and the girls completed some copywork, as well as some activity sheets on the character of Jacob compared to Esau and one on Jacob’s ladder.

We were going to make our own comet (with the aforementioned snow I had so dedicatedly collected), but I felt it probably wasn’t such a great plan with Becs feeling the way she did, so we called it a day.

On happier news, Becca’s gymnastics uniform arrived today, which she quickly tried on for size:

So cute!

Lillie has just returned from work and is finishing off her school work for the day, whilst Charlotte is listening to a lecture on the Odyssey. They will then be leaving for our nearby town to go and have a Starbucks and do some extra work, with Lillie making flash cards for the cell’s organelles and Charlotte doing the same with Heracles’ 12 labours. The littles have popped on a video to watch, Gary is on his way home from work and I am about to make a start on dinner.