A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 72

It’s been a good day today. I captured this lovely photo of Thomas and Lillie this morning. Often the first thing Thomas does on arriving home from college is be greeted with a huge hug from one or both of his sisters:

The older they get, the closer they are. I love it!

My big goal for this week was to get our astronomy finished. And today we did it! But first, the girls did their workbooks as normal:

Afterwards, I interspersed reading the final two chapters out loud with giving the littles time in the garden working on ‘Mud Cafe’:

Washing up
Mud pies, cakes and muffins
The start of their herb garden

Abigail even found time to make a well to supply their café with water:

Love it!

In between they wrote astronomy notes about galaxies:

and drew some constellations:

The last activity I had planned for the day was to make some ice-cream (tenuous link between the icy starry sky…):

It kinda worked:

They enjoyed their feast of frozen fruit and home-made ice-cream watching a video:

Abigail is still outside perfecting her well. The girls have headed up to the library for Charlotte to write all the stories going around her head, which ‘have been there for so long they a dying of old age’! Yes, really.

Gary is home and Thomas is having a long day at college today, so won’t be home for a while. I intend to hole it up in my bedroom and get familiar with the next Apologia text book on Botany. I’m really looking forward to starting it next week!

Have a great night all!