A Year in the Life of a Home-Schooling Family: Day 60

I woke up without a headache today! Yay me! I was up and out of bed by seven. So weird, because every single one of my children were up bustling around the house, having baths, listening to a sermon, eating… I stayed in my room and finished listening to Leviticus.

I’ve never read all the way through Leviticus in just two sittings before. It’s not the most interesting book of the Bible, although I gleaned some quite useful titbits to share with the younger ones which were very pertinent to their Hammurabi studies – it was interesting to compare the laws, and how much of the law of God requires restitution as well as punishment, which isn’t so pronounced in Hammurabi’s laws. The eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth seemed to be the standard for punishments under both laws.

I had quite a lot of work to do with Lillie today for her photography, so I set the little ones reading the ‘Hebrews in Slavery’ lesson from the Mystery of History text book:

Until it was time for Becca to go over to Granny’s house to read to her. I had Abigail finish off a book she seems to have been reading for forever…

One of the activities for the history lesson was to make mud bricks. As I had been listening to Exodus yesterday during my Bible time, I had learnt that the Israelites, in an attempt to break and suppress them, had to gather their own straw, yet were expected to make the same number of bricks as before. So, yes, you guessed it, I made them pick their own straw and mud for their bricks:

As they were doing that my youngest twin popped back from Granny’s where she does her Latin now, uninterrupted. She was in heels!! To do Latin! Over at Granny’s! Then my older twin joined her, and she wasn’t even out of her pyjamas yet! She’d done loads of school, just in her pjs! I had to take a photo because, well, talk about opposite ends of the spectrum!

I’ll tell you a funny story about those pj bottoms which she won’t thank me for. They were my pjs when I was pregnant with her and her sister!! Lol! GET OUT OF YOUR MY PAJAMAS!!

The little ones began making their bricks. Now the purpose of this lesson was to teach them a little of what the Israelites went through. So I had them make 100 bricks. And when they failed to do it how I taught them to, I had them make them all over again! Here is Abigail telling Thomas what she was doing:

The next item on the agenda was the big stink bomb reveal! Yup, the unveiling of the smelly egg. It was so funny. It stank baaaad!

Just before lunch I read the lesson on Ancient China and the Shang Dynasty in preparation for Monday. The girls then had a read through some of the ancient China books we own:

Lunch was left over chilli for all, and another juice for me. I retired to my room to begin Numbers in my Bible reading. I then prepped an Egyptian/Israelite art activity using some wall art found on the tomb of Rekhmire the Vizier in Thebes, dated to Thutmosis III. I traced the slaves onto papyrus and they carefully painted them in:

They did such a great job, and the end result was so much better than I thought it would be, I felt I had to include a picture of each:

Last but not least, they filled in their Uranus and Neptune mini books finishing off our astronomy for this week:

By the end of the day, Charlotte had worked incredibly hard to catch up on some of the work she’d missed whilst Granny and Grandad were here. She is currently getting ready to go to work. Lillie also managed to get everything done on the photography to do list. She is currently relaxing at her computer. The little ones are in the kitchen baking some cinnamon twirls which they have made with some ready made pastry and cinnamon sugar. They smell soooo good! Gary is at some meeting at work, and I am currently writing this post, after which I will be putting the final touches to my posts coming over the weekend. Becca has gymnastics tonight. Gary has boxing with all the men at our church. Thomas, Lillie and Charlotte are going to a youth event at their old church. I’m staying in with Numbers playing in the back ground.

Lenten Feast and Fast

Feast – Bible books completed: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and up to Numbers 15. I am enjoying going through the Bible so quickly because it gives me a real sense of almost being there as it was happening.

Fast – Going as well as can be expected. I’ve eaten no food for three days. My headache has gone. As has my appetite in the main…although the cinnamon smell currently wafting through our cottage is almost too much to bear. I take comfort that the girls are selling the twirls for 50p each. I shall be rich if not full 🙂