A Summer of Little House Living: Plans for preserving our Memories

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What does a mummy do, when she wants her children to keep up their writing over the summer but doesn’t want them to know they are keeping up their writing over the summer?  She gets them to write their own blog, of course!  This has the added benefit of it being typed rather than written; they see their work on-screen; they ‘own’ the blog and they are able to capture and preserve their summer memories.  A diary without the actual physical writing.  It helps that they have been begging me to allow them to have a nature blog.  They’re pretty chuffed.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to my children’s summer blog: A Summer of Little House Living

If you visit, and you have the time, I would be very grateful if you or your children would leave a little message for them.  I know it would increase their excitement and commitment if they knew people were actually reading it!

Thank you!