A Summer of Little House Living – Our Plans for Our Own Little House


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Meet our very own little house on the prairie.  Take a good look, this is last time you will see it in such bad condition.  This summer our whole learning will be based around this house.  It was second-hand when we got it (for free!) and was in very good condition until we had a family round to play and they systematically trashed the place!  It had windows, which they broke, and they also cracked the wood in other areas by standing on the roof (!).  T11 also started a business growing worms inside.  It is messy, dirty and broken.  Gary and I always planned to mend and patch it up, but never got round to it.  This summer, though, it will be given a new lease of life.  We will be emptying it, mending it, replacing windows, adding a vegetable patch kitchen garden, white washing the inside, brown washing the outside and generally giving it the love and attention it has needed for the past 18 months!

But that is not all.  Oh, no.  Gary and T11 will be creating furniture, making a stove, hooks and shelves.  They will make everything with wood we have left over from the pallets and the girls and I will be digging out all our sewing materials to craft and recreate the feel of Laura’s house.  We will be using this little house as a framework to enable our children to learn the skills they have chosen to focus on this summer.  But more about that tomorrow…