A Post for Phyllis

Phyllis left a note earlier today informing me she had nominated me for an award.  I’m a little overwhelmed and surprised, yet it seems fitting that if I were to ever receive any award, it would come from Phyllis.  The very fact it comes from her makes this special for me.  Let me explain.

I started this blog last February, having been diagnosed with melanoma.  I did it for my children, so if the cancer spread they would have something to remember me by, especially the younger ones.  It didn’t occur to me that others might read it.  When I began to receive messages, they made my day.  I was so humbled by the fact anyone, other than family, would be interested in anything I had to say!  Phyllis was one of the first people to comment.  Every week, sometimes more than once, she left the most heartening, uplifting messages.  She had no idea I needed that encouragement during what was a difficult year.  She was also one of my first regular readers, she ran (and still does run) one of the first link ups I took part in and was the first ever blog to feature angelicscalliwags.  I was also proud to be asked to do a guest post (again my first ever) at the beginning of the year.  There are many firsts there and now as I am coming up to my first blogging anniversary (two days time) I have one more to add to it.

Thank you Phyllis, for your encouragement, your caring and giving nature, the time you put into making not just me but a myriad of other bloggers feel they have something worthwhile to offer.   This award means so much to me, not because of what it represents, but because of who gave it to me.



  1. I don’t know what to say. You have brought tears to my eyes. I feel every word I said, but sometimes I am more motivated than other times to say what I feel. The Lord just directed me and I listened. You have been a blessing to me in more ways than I can express. {Hugs} my friend.

  2. Congratulations, Claire! Phyllis is one of the kindest and most generous bloggers out there, isn’t she? All the more amazing is that she has her own battles to fight. I’m very glad both of you have decided to share your homeschooling journey with the rest of us so that we may benefit from your good work.

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