A Place to Dream

Last Thursday our shed was built at the bottom of our garden.  It took a little under two hours.


As I admired it, I pondered the thought that I had perhaps escalated its size to incorporate eight or nine floors/levels.  In my head this shed was going to be the answer to all my space issues.  It would be a place for little ones to play; teens to come and have a place to hang out with friends, watch dvds and play table tennis and darts; a place where each child could have their own space to work on all that captivates them; a place even for us to take our youth group……it was also going to house boxes (and boxes) of school supplies, toys, art supplies, sewing supplies, type writers…..and most of all it would be a place to dream dreams.  In short it was going to be an eight-story castle.


Or not.  I had warned myself to not be too over ambitious, but sometimes I just can’t be told, not even if it me doing the telling.  Once up, I allowed myself about 30 seconds of disappointment at its size (compared to the gargantuan building in my head) before moving on to that which I take the greatest pleasure in life – turning the impossible into the possible.  I had dreamt big, and I would continue to do so.  It was dreaming big which allowed our two bedroom home to be turned into a four bedroom home by using the hall space.  I even have an office, albeit a tiny, very messy one.  But it’s mine and I love it.

So….without further ado, our nook.  The outside:





Inside Gary’s man cave (which is actually going to be a woodworking studio):




And the inside of the children’s space:








shed 17

I spent some time thinking about what the most important thing to focus on for this space would be for our family.  And it came to me.  This was a room I wanted the children to dream big in, to work hard in and to pursue those dreams to see where they took them.  Let the fun begin….