A letter to my Girls Part Three

I have been shocked by how hard it has been to write to only one of you, instead of to both of you.  I do my best to treat you as individuals rather than as part of a pair but writing this has made me realise just how close you have always been.

And this didn’t change when your eldest younger sister appeared on the scene:


Three became four and you all transitioned very easily:



A lot happened that year as you gained a sister, lost a grand-dad and moved hundreds of miles back to England to be close to your granny.  Not too much changed on an every day basis though, as we continued to have lots of fun as a family:



Going out lots together:


Playing in the snow with your uncle who now lived nearby:


Throwing yourself into party celebrations, like the Sherlock Holmes Investigation party:


The biggest change was the way we home schooled.  This particular first day of school was the start of changing from a workbook curriculum to a fairly home made history curriculum:


This of course meant lots and lots of dressing up:


It has always been so much fun to teach you because you always threw yourself into anything I planned.  I couldn’t have had better children to have tested out my home school muscles on.

My family. Happy, happy sigh!

When A was two, B blasted into our world and life was never the same again.  A huge personality from the day she was born, she required more from Daddy and I than any of you ever did.  But we were so blessed by three older children who did everything in their power to help.

My frugal (or at least potentially frugal) partners in crime

I still remember coming upstairs in the middle of the night to another round of B’s tears only to find you both taking it in turns to rock her and placate her back to sleep.  You told me you knew how much I needed to sleep and you thought you would help out.  Sweet hearts, you have always been such a help to me in so many ways and I am so grateful.  I love in particular your joy at helping with the little ones’ school:


We have had enormous fun together over the years as the littles have grown a bit older.  The Little House on the Prairie study comes to mind as a favourite:


Whilst I’m sure you will never be able to think of Dante without a groan and a moan about the diorama we made:

Our very own Circle of Hell

But your medieval feast was maybe our greatest achievement:

The three older ones look a little nervous as their presentation time approaches


It was around this time the two of you began to become more you as each of you broke away slightly from what you now saw as the confines of twinny-dom.  Over the past year or so you have both completely changed.  It has been very interesting to watch these changes and realise just how different you really are from each other.  I am glad because I always wondered how on earth you would manage to marry and move apart from each other when you could barely go to the bathroom separately!  I love that though you are still best of friends and still adore each other, you are also wanting to go your separate ways occasionally.  I am so glad you have both wanted this, and because of that you have both blossomed.


Apologies for the rambling to all those are reading my blog but are not my twins.  Normal posts (not about my twins) will restart next week.