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How to Make Stonehenge Hand Tools

I used the teacher’s guide from the Stonehenge website as my source of inspiration to make some hand tools from the Neolithic period of Stonehenge.

Stonehenge Hand Tools: The Antler Pick

Stonehenge Hand Tools

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I drew a vague antler pick shape out of stiff cardboard:

Stonehenge Hand Tools

The children cut some out:

Stonehenge Hand Tools

Added some padding (crushed up foil) and covered it in masking tape to imitate the colour of bone:

Stonehenge Hand Tools

Stonehenge Hand Tools: Calf Shoulder Bone Spade

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Again, I drew it out on card:

The girls cut them out:

Stonehenge hand tools

And padded them before covering them in bone coloured masking tape:

Neolithic Arrowheads

In addition to the above tools, I also made some Neolithic arrowheads:

Picture credit

I did exactly the same as before. Drew them out:

The girls cut them out with a bit of help from me:

And covered them in masking tape:

A great addition to our Stonehenge learning:

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  1. Oh these are so much fun! I’m pretty sure my boys would have turned them into weapons to hit each other though.

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