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Butterfly Inspired Jewellery

Lillie latest art lesson was on sculpture.  She chose to focus on her jewellery (of course).  The first set of photos were taken at the nearby butterfly garden.  It was these photos, along with sculptor Richard Cresswell‘s butterfly benches, which inspired her to create some beautiful, unique butterfly jewellery.  Anyway, enjoy!

Butterfly Jewellery

Butterfly Jewellery

The following photos show the hand-painted butterfly jewellery she has been working on:

Butterfly Jewellery

Butterfly Jewellery

2 comments on “Butterfly Inspired Jewellery

  1. I especially like the last two. They have the look of stained glass! Good luck to her in her artistic pursuits!

  2. Her artwork really does look like butterflies. I agree with the above posters, the last two are the best.

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