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Hundertwasser Art Study


Hundertwasser Art Study: The Artist

Hundertwasser was both an exceptional and individualistic artist as well as being an environmentally friendly one!  He liked to create his art within nature as well as having it point towards nature.  As a man passionate about nature, he used his art to spread the message on conviviality between man and earth.  He is well known for his pictorialism, his bright colours and his hatred for straight lines.  His fascination for spirals is seen throughout his work and I have to say he is so interesting an artist that I spent hours looking at his work and watching YouTube videos of him explaining his work.

Lil has been carrying out a Hundertwasser art study as part of her Art and Design qualification.  Hundertwasser is the artist famous for the following paintings:

Hundertwasser Art Study
Hundertwasser Art Study
Hundertwasser Art Study
Hundertwasser Art Study
Hundertwasser Art Study

Hundertwasser Art Study: Lillie’s Response

As part of the Hundertwasser art study, Lillie had wanted to recreate her fruit bowl, from her last lesson, in his style.  As she tried out his techniques, she became more and more disheartened.  They were really hard to replicate!  So between us we decided on creating a fruit bowl collage using cuttings from his own work.  Let me remind you of the fruit bowl.  First in charcoal:

Hundertwasser Art Study

And in chalk pastels:

Hundertwasser Art Study

This was tricky, but I think she did a great job!  First is the whole picture, including a quote of Hundertwasser:

Hundertwasser Art Study

And the second is a close up of the bowl of fruit:

You can find the entire lesson here.  I have added these pictures to the original lesson.  It hasn’t been marked by her tutor yet, as she is on holiday.  But I must say I am curious to see what she gets 🙂   Lillie had done a brilliant job with her collage, and I really felt she (and I) had learnt heaps in the process.

This was a great Hundertwasser art study!

For more on this colourful artist take a look the Hundertwasser website

7 comments on “Hundertwasser Art Study

  1. Gosh, your daughter is talented!

  2. I love these art posts!

  3. Hundertwasser is an interesting artist, very distinctive, and I love the take she did on it.

  4. I love her art work! What a great study; I had honestly never heard of this artist before. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. well done, interesting style. pinning to my art board.

  6. Nice post! Love Hundertwasser and your incorporating his art into your homeschool! Now where is that book I have of his art….

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