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Native Australian Dress-Up

Native Australian dress-up

The first thing I wanted to do was to make some Native Australian Dress-Up for the little ones to play in.  Even if do say so myself, I was very creative when I made this dress up out of some packaging material which came with a refrigerator part I ordered.

Step-by-Step: How to make Native Australian Dress-Up

Rather fortuitously, I had been sent something in the post with this packaging material protecting it:

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up
First, I gathered enough of the partly shredded packaging, cutting it all to the same length:

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

Then, I weaved a ribbon through the top of all the pieces:

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

If I remember rightly, each skirt was made of three different pieces, which I then used double-sided sticky tabs to attached them all together:

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

And lastly, the ribbon could be tied to fit the waist:

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

I was quite pleased with the final skirt, especially as it cost me absolutely nothing to make:

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

Native Australian Dress-Up: Face Art

In addition to the dressing up, the littles and I played about with some faces paints. They chose the design they wanted and I painted it on.  Thankfully, they were easy designs 🙂

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

How cute are they?

Native Australian Dress-Up: Jewellery

Finally, we added some jewellery to their dress-up.  Unsurprisingly, Lillie was in charge of making aboriginal jewellery. She researched, wrote a paper on it and finally made some:

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

The jewelry was made from beans, seeds, wood, paper, card and pastels:

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

Australian Aboriginal Dress-Up

This was a great start to our studies, and probably the first time I had attempted a unit study with all five children. This proved way easier than I thought it would be 🙂

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