Week 1 – Introduction and Resources


Week 2 – Making a Paper Mache Map


Week 3 – The Urge to Explore

Ribbet collagecookies1

Week 4 – Preparing for the Journey

Ribbet collagexxx3

Week 5 – Ships and Sea Monsters

Ribbet collageships

Ribbet collageseamonster2

Week 6 – Navigation part 1 – How to make a Chip Log to calculate Speed


Week 7 РNavigation part 2 РMaking and Using a Compass to navigate the seas

compassrose compass

Week 8 – Navigation Part 3 – Making and using a Quadrant to navigate the seas

DSC_0250quadrant and explorers

Week 9 – Conducting a Blanket Trade

Ribbet collageblankettrade7

Week 10 РExplorer Study РChristopher Columbus 


Project Based Learning: Pirates

Ribbet collagepirate19

ribbet collagepirate9a

Reader's theatre 1


7 comments on “Renaissance: Tudor Explorers Unit Study

  1. I loved this unit, it was so much fun.

  2. Great study, Claire!

  3. It looked like you guys had a lot of fun with this one. I know we did, too, when we studied the explorers.

    • We did, but it hasn’t been one of my favourite topics to study. The children seemed to enjoy it though!

  4. camilliamadden

    This is fantastic!!!! Just came across your blog earlier today on pintrest…I. can. not. stop. reading! how fun! Thank you so much for sharing with us so we can first off admire, and 2nd of all, share some awesome creativity learning from your adventures!

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