ancient egypt unit study

This post includes all of the work we have done on Ancient Egypt.  I will be starting a new unit with my little ones next year, so this will be added to.   The children were aged about 7 when we studied Egypt.

Egypt: Part 1- Resources

Ribbet collageegypt4

Egypt: Part 2- Mummification

The final mummified chicken in it's coffin.  Note the canopic jar next to it

Egypt: Part 3-  Hieroglyphs


Egypt: Part 4 –  Egyptian Art

And the lovely results

Egypt: Part 5 – Field Trip and Presentation:

All dressed up and raring to go

T did his presentation on mummification and in particular Tutankhamen

Egypt: Part 6 – Tutankhamen study

egyptian adventure set


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10 comments on “Ancient Egypt Unit Study

  1. Your kids have grown up so much.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. So I pinned this and thought, “Brilliant, why didn’t I think to make a sarcophagus when we studied Egypt?” And then promptly closed the window having in my mind made the comment. I need to get a pot of tea going.

  3. Oh, my goodness they are cute dressed up! You were smart enough to take pictures. I don’t have pictures of the stuff we did in the pre-blogging days.

    • I wish I’d taken more. It is the best thing about blogging – having to record everything makes you more reliable about taking photos of everything.

  4. Thank you for grouping all your posts together. I am getting to see some of your old posts which I’d have missed otherwise.

  5. L is studying ancient Egypt in school – and its nowhere near as interesting as your studies! I’m still awed at the fact that you mummified a chicken!

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